we bring people together

…and support Imerman Angels as we do it.

301’s Founder, Kyle, loves to host:

  • photography critiques (caters to any level shooter)

  • speakers/workshops (varying subject matters to keep it spicy)

Meetups provide a platform for our community to connect with new people and grow their skillset. Here’s what some of our patrons have to say:

“I really enjoyed your workshop last month, and it really got me inspired - thank you! Being around other people excited about photo and video really got the drive in me to take the next steps :) I also enjoyed learning a few tidbits of info about sound in my videos, including some more details on classifying mood of music, and playing around with filtering out below 75 / 150 hz :D

Shortly after that, I purchased the 6D Mk II, as well as a couple lenses and Rode mic, and I started my vlog I've been thinking about doing!

It's been a blast getting this going, and I've committed to weekly videos ^_^

I plan on posting weekly for at least 3 months, failing and learning a lot as I go! It's been great getting connected with you, and I thought you might enjoy hearing that you've already made an impact for me.“

- Christopher

I first met Kyle Asperger at a photo workshop he hosted at his 301Original studio.

Throughout the workshop, Kyle demonstrated and explained the key concepts essential for achieving great images and their relationship to good studio lighting. His process allowed us opportunities to ask questions during the shoot. He demonstrated how a good relationship with a model achieves images you can get exited about.  

This was the most valuable photography workshop I had ever attended. I left Kyle’s workshop inspired to learn as much as I could about studio photography. I’ve since attended numerous photography critique workshops at Kyle’s studio. When evaluating my images, his critical eye and straight forward approach take me closer to believing, as Kyle says, “ It’s about making pictures rather than taking photos.”  

My first experience with Kyle at 301 Original was the beginning of my deeper journey into studio photography and I now have a makeshift studio in my basement. 

- Jeff