Case Study: People 


A vivid and detailed visual description of an individual.

Process: Initial Client Meeting, Prep Studio Ahead of Shoot, Photoshoot, Client Chooses Ideal Images, Post Production of Client Selects, Final Images Delivered

Role: Project Management, Creative Direction, Photography, Post Production

Tools: Lightroom, Photoshop, Acrobat, Teathered shooting from my laptop, 301 Original Studio or On-Location

Pain Point: Booorrrrrrriiiing

Think LinkedIn headshots. Often times you’ll find selfies and poorly shot amateur photos that are posed, too busy and all around poorly lit. If you’re lucky, there’s an attempt made at a studio quality image though it still seems sterile in nature.

Solution: The Opposite Of Your High School Grad Photos

Everyone has a personality which I look to capture. How? Through a refined lighting setup, simple conversation, and an overall comforting experience.

Setup: Test Everything

A portrait session is an experience. As the photographer, it is up to me to ensure that the subject is comfortable and enjoying themselves from the second they enter my studio or the location chosen for the shoot.

To do so, it requires my full attention. I cannot be fussing with the lighting or any of the other tech. Everything must be setup prior to the subject arrival, test shots have to be done, the experience must be seamless. Often times I utilize a scaled down team to assist in preparatory work.

Execution: We Chat, I Shoot

There’s an unfortunate stigma behind headshot photography that the subject must be on their best behavior, posed just like so, smiling for the camera.

Hear me loud and clear when I say this: the world doesn’t need to see what you think you should look like. We have enough sheep. The world needs YOU, and someone with the foresight to organically pull out those moments.

When someone sits in front of my camera, we trade stories. The camera is an extension of me, yes, all it’s doing is simply capturing the moments where you Through casual conversation, people naturally express themselves.

Those moments are what define a portrait. Afterall, employers will be working with you, why not let them in on the fun from their first touchpoint; LinkedIn.

Delivery: The Final Product

Once the shoot is wrapped (finished), I let the subject(s) sift through the images and select their favorites. Those are the images that I’ll retouch and deliver to them shortly thereafter.

On occasion, I’ve been directly responsible for bringing people to tears. Moments like that remind me of the power photographs hold.

For Crying Out Loud, No More Selfies

A portrait has the power to shape the way people see themselves. Explore your own self perception with 301 Original’s portraiture. Schedule your session today.