We prefer to let others do the talking.

“Many salesmen out there. Very few deliverymen. You deliver. Thank you.”

- Loke Shao Xun


“Kyle Asperger not only delivered, but also exceeded my expectations. He is a professional photographer with an extremely gifted eye, and unsurmountable work ethic. From our initial discussions of the project, he was on-board, and could quickly understand the theme, layout, and design of what I wanted to express. If alchemy were real, he would be a professor. I just hope he doesn’t “take his talents to South Beach.”

- Barton Noga


"After a long career in tech, and working with people, meeting Kyle has been an eye opener. He has a way of organically facilitating thoughts, almost like a catalyst, with an easy conversation style that makes ideas form, seemingly, out of thin air. I am working with him to create a branding package, not just for my work portfolio, but a larger effort yet to come If you have a chance to contract Kyle, you will be the richer for it both personally and professionally."

- Jeff Breece


“Shooting with Kyle was great! His laid back approach made me very comfortable in front of the camera. His portraiture style does a wonderful job of capturing the subject's true essence and personality. No stuffy headshots here!”

- Colleen Irmen


“301 Original will forever change the way that you perceive design. They created a beautiful dashboard for my company’s software which ultimately made us look more professional and allowed us to attract more customers.

You will not regret using 301 Original as it is one of the best design firms in Columbus. Kyle was a fantastic designer to work with. He truly cared about my needs and created something that I could have never fathomed. I would 100% work with 301 again and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants elite design work.”

- John Allen

“The February 301 Photo Critique was absolutely awesome. Only a few of the 11 photographers had ever met before. They ranged in age from the 20s to the 70s and had diverse backgrounds and interests, but all shared a passion for photography. Each photographer shared several compelling images and received insightful feedback. The overall vibe was incredibly positive during the 2-hour session. Thanks to Kyle for hosting an inspiring gathering. I’ll look forward to attending more sessions in the future.”

- Bruce Johnson